Speck of White

A speck of white

Upon a summers evening

Faded light

Rejuvenated and renewed

From all that has been imbued

Rest has created eyes awake and wondering

Speck of Yellow

Falls through dusty windows upright

Suns glistening final rite

A palette covered with yellowish sweet

Continuum of summer heat

A speck of Green

On Summers lawn

Dew in the morning

After a crisp dawn

A speck of Blue

On a skycap so true

Gravity holding us down on this world

Keeping us protected from weightlessness

The true story of me and you

Told through the colors

Wheeled through life and illuminating our sky

We take moments out and away

Cry and laugh

Rejuvenated and happy

This is created through color invigoration

The sensation of happiness and vigor

Rolls through


Me and you



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