The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

Sounds so beautiful

At the onset

Something I wish to achieve

Not keep tucked beneath my sleeve

A focus for today

With a passion for tomorrow

That is how this mindset will grow

Content is not part of the equation

Through careful and meticulous contemplation

Changing to adapt and create

New opportunities for one to grow

Not asking why or when

But looking for the opportunity

To grasp with both hands

So late you can remember when

Knowing that change is inevitable

Creatable and attainable

I will not be the same me today

That I will become tomorrow

I must push the sludge of life

Into a moldable shape and size

Until it forms a vast creation of hand

This is how my life has to be planned

Not just saying that life is ok

That all will be alright

Rather to stand up to the wrongs

Gather your courage and fight



For the Eternal Mindset will not stop

Continuing flowing from the river it must

Flow to some great ocean

Some greater cause

To make the world a better place

Stand silent on the stage

Awaiting the applause

I hope to wake every morning and heed this call

For every day is an opportunity

To become more me

To achieve new highs

To forget old lows

So that one day I can reflect and see that I have grown

From amateur to pro

This mindset will push me beyond contentment

To a place where I can only give my all

Until I fall exhausted from commitment and strain

This is where my mind is laid

Seeking an Eternal Mindset

To make the world better

To reach out to new faces

Recall the old

So that when it is over a good story can be told

This challenge starts now

I shall do all that I can

This is my Eternal Vow


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