The Genius of Catch

If Not for Perfection

I wish not for perfection

Rather somewhere

At the intersection

Of preparation

And the continuation

Of ones course

The readiness is created

By all the time spent


Take after take

Just for one good virtuous shake

The artist prepares with good intent

Content on rehearsal

Frustrated with constraint

Holding the power to change

Is the key to arranging

The true masterpiece that lies within

The strokes fall smooth on the page

Many hours have been spent

To create this moment

In this perfect age

The feelings and the artistry dance

Upon the blank canvas

Creating great swaths of golden hues

No reason to overdue

Simple strokes and committed lines

Hours spent caressing this craft

To create a mindless illusion

The genius of catch

Illustrious moments turn to intricate delicacy

As the grand swaths revolve to small movement

This is where preparation meets commitment

Where the small lines have the greatest impact

No thought or stroke left un-in-tact

This creation flows from the mind

Through the heart and blood

To the muscles and fingertips

Out onto the canvas

So what was once within

Can be seen without

Having to speak or convey

The image left upon the page

The true masterpiece


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