Adjacent Snowfall

Snow Snow

Go away

Come back some other

What the hell

It’s snowing again


Sandy Blue Pastels

The baby pastel blues

Off the shores of Lake Michigan

Fall crashing coldly

Onto sandy homes

Roaring from the weather

The wind and the snow

Waking me in the morning

Through the pines

Between ice tipped shrubs

Beating on the glass outside my window

Awakened to light brighter

Song lighter

Of the winter birds

The lake reveals a storm overhead

Three feet of snow headed to Michigan

I protect my warmth in the morning

As the heat evades my winter skin

To a cold Michigan morning

Under a snow and ice so thin

Pine needles crackle

Tied together loose with water and cold

Under each foot gives way

To an earth frozen

But only days ago

It was an early rip of storms for this time of year

Creating a palpable uncertainty in the air

Cars wheels fell ungraspable to pavement frozen

Sliding from one side to the other

It was a frigid morning in Michigan

Truly I was not prepared

For winters cold hand

Had laid its awakening on falls back

And now into winter we are fashioned

With waves crashing

Small drops splashing

Higher than the rock walls

Where the drips fall

Creation of some new frozen ice

To tell the story of this transition

Truly is a testament to my position

Tucked in the woods

Staying warm for now

Under the winter sun in Michigan