Temporary Community

Pulled off on the side of the road for bad weather

Said there might be a tornado round the bend

Closed and locked the car and headed in for shelter

The smell of cooked meat and raw potatoes

Clung to my skin as I rushed in with the fresh air

I sat and watched the storm unfold 15 miles away

Ripping the trees from the dampened fall ground

I turn around to see others standing around

Concerned for the storm that is now heading our way

In a gentle manner I tried to keep everyone calm

I have no idea what I was trying to say

But everyone seemed happy to be going along

As the wind and rain ripped into the building sides

We could no longer see our cars parked just outside

A young girl sat alone on her phone

Shaking and afraid to be out here all on her own

I tried to remind her that she would be just fine

Got to be tough stuck in a burger joint contemplating life


A wife sat with her husband holding onto her kids

Hoping that the storm would miss us

Another woman on her way to Chicago

Wondering once the storm rolled in which way she should go

I tried to keep everyone’s hopes up a simple gesture

Here I was hoping just to make things a little bit easier

Not quite sure if I helped I could see the storm caused the fear in her

Inside that building business went on as usual

Burgers being flopped from one side to the next

I had no real care for what was going on

Just watching what the storm did next

We all made this our temporary stop

Out of the blasting rain and bustling wind

One of the workers made it over to make sure that we were all alright

Holding our heads and cell phones so very tight

The wind ripped the rain poured

As soon as I turned around I felt like

There was a storm no more

Two tornadoes

One to the north

One to the west

Not our day to fight it out

But it was one hell of a test

As the rain cleared and the sun made its meager reappearance

With the dim lit assurance we could make out way on

Walking out to our cars we said our simple goodbyes

A small community was formed in that joint

Connected we were in a concern for the future

But as that future became our past we made out way out into the evening

Waved our goodbyes

And back to our paths in life we then proceeded




The Shortest Night of My Life

A simple writing from my experience in the air over Leipzig, Germany. I have never flown across the ocean, but it surely was an amazing experience – you never get to experience it for a first time again – so I wanted to document it. So now we are in Germany and having a wonderful time. I hope to keep the blog up to date with new experiences and stories. I am sure this trip will give me a lot to say. All the best and enjoy – Cheers!

The shortest night of my life

started around 5 P.M.

got in a plane in Chicago

got up in the air and off we go

before too long the sun was down

headed east

pulling around some sharp turbulence in Quebec

Got me feeling dizzy

in only hours gone by the sun has risen back

in the sky

my heart beats out of my chest

I felt I could die

that surely was the shortest night of my life

The Young Working Class

A late evening in Chicago. Had a nice time enjoying some drinks and laughs with friends. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

The young working class
Service industry of Chicago Illinois
Sparse light in a dim bar
Conversation flounder and puff
Into inaudible crackle
Faces gleaming orange and yellow
Filled with powder and fluff
Men reclining willfully to distant music
Irrelevant and monotonous
Pushing eardrums back and forth
Jaws pumping laughter heralding
Anger dispensing
Question asking
Bar tender looking for connecting eyes
Asking quickly for a drink
Tip jar sitting silent yet demanding
Women relax on sofas talking about dinner and evening plans
I am but a witness to these thing
On a late Friday night
In Chicago Illinois