The Shortest Night of My Life

A simple writing from my experience in the air over Leipzig, Germany. I have never flown across the ocean, but it surely was an amazing experience – you never get to experience it for a first time again – so I wanted to document it. So now we are in Germany and having a wonderful time. I hope to keep the blog up to date with new experiences and stories. I am sure this trip will give me a lot to say. All the best and enjoy – Cheers!

The shortest night of my life

started around 5 P.M.

got in a plane in Chicago

got up in the air and off we go

before too long the sun was down

headed east

pulling around some sharp turbulence in Quebec

Got me feeling dizzy

in only hours gone by the sun has risen back

in the sky

my heart beats out of my chest

I felt I could die

that surely was the shortest night of my life