The Incandescent Glow

I can tell a story of distracting things

It starts with a computer screen

A little heart and a big machine

Pulling the eyes away from progress

To give the soul infinite distress

This mess is more than a simple collection

If it serves me correctly

I have what the doctors call

A technological infection

Of the mind and skin

Hair and eyes

Kinda hard to see into the digital skies

It moves slowly but then with clever purpose

You would never know if you looked at the surface

But the eyes become strained with every glance

I must try to pull away in this eager chance

In a trance my muscles begin to twitch

In evenings embrace

Face the truth and furry

That time has been stolen in such a hurry

Fingers nimble to touch keys resisting

A couple of circuits and boards

That’s all that’s in this thing

But is there more just maybe a bit

Because it seems to move me when I sit

Through years and years of information

It is a gazing ball

A wonder station

But pull the mind away from sweet laziness

Yet it pulls me back with a lovers caress

Soothes my thoughts and relaxes my feelings

Illuminating what is around me

And casting incandescent light on the ceiling

Reeling and reeling

I am surely swayed but the drug this things dealing

Eyes bloodshot on every side

Who would of thought

Wasn’t this supposed to be a simple ride

A ride through information past and present

With the ease of touch and oh so pleasant

But surely there is more than one option

Get away from this infection I am stopping

Songs must be written and collected

My art will not sustain me

I must go now

The art must be resurrected

But at the flip of a switch

Turn of a knob

The computer is off and silent

The incandescent glow ceases

And the quietness around me grows

I close my eyes and rub them open

That must be some crazy shit

I be smokin’


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