Soul Pride

I took my friend from Sweden to the JFK
As we stood looking out the window of the train
I heard her say
That the Manhattan skyline made her remember the city
Trains passing by
Yet oh so pretty
NYC set on the evening sky
I will miss this place said with a sigh
Upon which it dawned on me
How lucky we are
To be
Citizens of this beautiful
What others would do to be come one
Get married, fall in love, sneak in, to get it done
But me I am set on this land
Born 20 steps from Lake Michigan
I found my pride
My soul
My heart owned
This seductive city
To call my own
But with pride comes
From sea to shining sea
We make this land great
Or terrible
It’s as easy as our demeanor
Can make it wondrous
Or meaner
We represent this city to travelers
Make it proud from skyscraper
To gravel
Take a moment to recall
What it means to be American
What all it is
What pride and joy
That we live in a great land
Our hearts deploy


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