The January Cold

All these days seems the same

Feels like I crawl into a cart

Slide along the tracks

The same mono train

Colors look the same

Pale blue sky grey mist lines

At least through my eyes

I see the limestone steeples

Flanking amongst the light rain

Reaching to the skies

I can find some solace

In these remembrances

Go through the motions

So this is how I bring in the new year

Eyes closed hoping not to hear

News of things good and bad

Today is just a day to remember a great soul

As I walk toward the steeple

In the January Cold

Man Cut Short









Man Cut Short

So the world goes

A man wakes up

A man goes to sleep

Yet you should know

That every night

Small thoughts

Creep through his head




Deep in his thoughts

These weaknesses

These flaws



And seal a certain fate

For a man

Who leaves these cracks


Is the man whose life


Way before it should have ended


The Grieving Period









Quiet creaking house

Computer keys crunch quietly

Under wooden adjustments made overhead

The moon still high

The sun yet to have shed

A light on the new day

Cold and dreary

Making my way through the world


I will attend the funeral

Pray my peace

Offer up my best

For the souls that rest

Life bustles on outside the church

As it always does

On a cold January morning

While we pray inside

Once the ceremony is over

The prayers said

We will face the cold

Make our ways back to life

Fall asleep again

Breathe again

Talk again

We will take a moment

And then walk through the door

As the week starts again

We fall asleep on Sunday

And wake anew

For it is another Monday



This is a song about how my mind seems to wonder at all times. I have a very curious personality – and I feel this song really captures the way I feel sometimes. Enjoy!