Wall Street Chaos

Wall Street chaos

Directed by Silicon Valley fingers

The triggers going off

In all the whimpers

What is shaping now

Is hard to determine

Which way is up

And which way is down

For the average looker on

That the book on the shelf

Little do I know

Little do I care

But it impacts the forces

That bear on self

Political Constipation

This is a poem inspired by the absolute ridiculousness of political grid lock. I care not for a side and for no person – but for the overall lack of enthusiasm to work as a whole unit. In a way that the body can only truly function if it all works together. I am not sure where all of this shit is going to take us, but my optimism is waning. I wrote this as much for the humor as for the literal sense. I tried to capture the disgust for which I feel
for the current situation. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, but I enjoyed trying! Enjoy!

Upon us is The Great Sequestration!

Ode to the amazing political constipation!

This is no nation of procrastination and indignation!

But rather a great land

Of sensation and flirtation

With capitalism

And now possible stagnation!

The political bowel filled with dense matter

And the while the belly of the great nation

Grows fatter and fatter

But who really wants to ask

What is the matter?

Surely it can’t be

An infection of the bladder

It is the anus

Filled and discontent

No one wants to work

To lift the great clog

The almighty circumvent!

To move past political lines

Dine of much higher fair, politicians

The real moving kind

The sledge of procrastination

Must be cast into the toilet bowl

Worry not if it will over flow

It is time for change

Of the diet we consume

Must surely change

Grow and support

Greater endeavors

But it can not be just some broke ass poet

Who can be oh so clever

Ask yourself today

What are you willing to do for tomorrow

To cast away this fowl sorrow

To stitch the times that have grown to divide

And I will surely be

On your side


Net Worth

What is your net worth

Go you! Proclaim it throughout the earth

Ring it on high

Ring it on low

Bring a receipt

Wherever you go

Remind your friends with cash in hand

Even pay for them to see your favorite band

“I wonder how much they are worth”

Surely not as much as me

I am sure my banker would agree

Ring the registers from on high

It’s like pie falling from the sky

I will stand with my hands ready

To grab what is mine

Might just take one of yours

But hey who is keeping score

Now get my car and call me lady

You know this part of town can get quite shady

Maybe I should not be quite so loud

I mean I do not want to attract a crowd

Who knows what that will mean

It was my pie I found,

I thought I caught it

But please don’t bring those fellows

Who want to conduct the audit

If leverage is leverage

And bottom line true

The bell rings cold

When the receipt reads past due

Extend me some credit

Just a little more

I just want to settle the score

But the banker looked confused

This analogy he used

“The way I see it

To make this all easy for me and you

Upon every mans head it should be written

Two decades and a half after their birth

So he may proclaim it throughout the earth

But for now I must ask you again

What is your net worth?”