City Veins

This was written late night on the Blue Line on our way to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. It was written as an observational piece and I tried to keep it simple. I try to relate the veins to the heart in the final line. Enjoy!

The veins of the city

Run deep underground

Running people back


All around

A majestic lady reads

While a hearty man laughs

Yet another gentle man

Set with a deep stair

With a jolly women next

To him

That is just content

With her chair

Run me left

Run me right

With the dirt caked

On the trains side

The rattle


The air

Dense and course

For we are on our way to LA

And that is for certain

“We thank you

For riding

And please come again”

When the weather is better

“But please be on your way”

You jolly jet setter

Catch a flight at O’Hare

I must not be late

Everything is set in LA

We have set a nice date

Reflecting on the steel

With polished silver hue

From hands a many

At one moment it may be holding 20

Or 30

Or 40

I cannot really say

The polish runs clean

For it gets buffed everyday

The silences is now sweet

Yet I could have some chatter

Could use a conversation

On the economy and

What is the matter?

But for now I sit

Peacefully upon the worn out seat

I am just thankful to be

A part of the cities



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