The High Sky

On a brisk walk under November skies

The weather cold dark and grey

How would one ever know

That one thousand pounds of weed

Was falling my way

One foot ahead of the other

Walking in a winter fashion

Passing others waving

Making no point to be an attraction

Snow gave way to firm concrete underneath

A light chatter of crackling snow and ice

Under my feet

I glance at the horizon

Just up enough to see

That a dark black object

Hurtling toward the earth

And me

I quicken my pace to a jog and clear the way

I now know something is falling

Falling right towards my direction

As it nears the ground

50 feet or so

I notice it is about 8 bags of so

They fall to the ground as haystacks tossed

I begin my decent to discover the fallen goods

There is no way that I could have truly understood

Here is 100 lbs of weed fallen from the sky above

Heavenly dank sent from the angels with love

Upon that day I reached a new level high

With the gifts I received

That fell from the sky

Strawberry Stems

Strawberry fields burst in late June
Bursting with water on summer soil
Reaching hands between leafs full
Waiting berries picked so soon
Soil pushing stems up and out
Life pumping through the veins
Creating life so sweet through sun and rain
Waiting for summer hands to come looking
Plucking berries from life support
To be enjoyed as a summer torte
Fresh sunshine on tongues thirsty
Sun falling in leaves
Being pulled through roots and soil
Up through limbs and pushing out a heavenly treat
I am amazed at this gentle beauty
No poison oak or ivy no thorns to distract
Just a simple leaf asking for no protection
Giving itself to the next calling hand
True beauty to behold

My Soul Thaw

I am literally thawing out from such a frigid winter this year. 80 degrees and 100 humidity never felt so good. I am glad that summer has decided to show up for a couple of months. We will see how long it lasts. I hope that you are enjoying the beginning days of your summer also. I hope it is a great time of year! Cheers!

Summer bursts greens and blues

Humidity warming things up in a misty hue

The sun heats up the ground below

Finally I can feel my soul thaw

Come out from a chilling sleep within

Crackling of birds let you know summer is near

I can see it and feel it in the air

Of a summer morning and evening light

All the hot wind got me feeling alright

Mulch and grass clippings remind me

Of growing up on the farm

Taking care of the horses and dogs

Long days

Hours spent

Working to keep the farm up and running

In those days sweat ran fast

When the sun was shining

Brining me back to today

As the sun shines away

Giving life to a lifeless canvas

Bringing back the feeling of senses

This is summer

Thank god for it’s coming

Just seeing people outside sunning

Lady’s looking fine in skirts and linens

Reminds me of what I love about summer

Its carefree reminder of what is great

Simple yet joyful

Thank God summer is here