My Soul Thaw

I am literally thawing out from such a frigid winter this year. 80 degrees and 100 humidity never felt so good. I am glad that summer has decided to show up for a couple of months. We will see how long it lasts. I hope that you are enjoying the beginning days of your summer also. I hope it is a great time of year! Cheers!

Summer bursts greens and blues

Humidity warming things up in a misty hue

The sun heats up the ground below

Finally I can feel my soul thaw

Come out from a chilling sleep within

Crackling of birds let you know summer is near

I can see it and feel it in the air

Of a summer morning and evening light

All the hot wind got me feeling alright

Mulch and grass clippings remind me

Of growing up on the farm

Taking care of the horses and dogs

Long days

Hours spent

Working to keep the farm up and running

In those days sweat ran fast

When the sun was shining

Brining me back to today

As the sun shines away

Giving life to a lifeless canvas

Bringing back the feeling of senses

This is summer

Thank god for it’s coming

Just seeing people outside sunning

Lady’s looking fine in skirts and linens

Reminds me of what I love about summer

Its carefree reminder of what is great

Simple yet joyful

Thank God summer is here