Toxic Infinity

Where does it stop

I am sick of toxic masculinity

But by being publicly stated

I feel I am going to be castrated

To firmly believe that not all men are bad

That is with those same broad

Strokes of generalism

That humanity has done it’s most heinous work

Under such infirmity

To instruct the world to hate

With such fervent stride

So with my beliefs

By my side

Each man is different

As I want the best for my wife

My family

I hope that we can understand

The differences that make each person


Rather than



Swollen Hands

Her heart has more love to give

Then I’ll ever know

Her heart has more love to give

And she’s growing old

Time can harden your heart

Break you apart

And turn it into sand

With weary eyes

And weathered lines

No one would understand

These eyes see the world

Felt the knife slide through

Her swollen hand

Call the birds

Forget yourself

Put your ambitions on the shelf

No way to live

Don’t ask but give

Breeding nothing but bitterness within


This heart has more love to give

Then I’ll ever know

This heart has more love to give

And we are growing old

When things get bad around you

Walls falling down too

I know what she’ll do

She will start again

With some new friends

A new life so far from the bends

Make her way

Cutting off the slack

Far away and never looking back

Then one day

She will turn and say

Things were never quite the same

She will know

That in her soul

Pain fades but never grows old