More than Bags







Great discoveries happen

To those who wait


Stay up late

I have found


Doing this often

Lucky it is

That I get more than bags

Under my eyes

But this frees me

Lets me connect

Whether it wrong or correct

This is when it happens

When all else is gone


This is my escape

Through the Cold









Oh we are trying to leave

Yea we’re trying to make our way

But we can’t

No we can’t no no  no

Lord we can’t

Turnpike turned all white

These semis turned upright

Lord keep me away

From these wicked roads today

Driving around

I’ve got time to burn

There is one thing I’ve learned

Holding on going on

Make my way through this song

I won’t take too long

We shut lights out late

The snow won’t go away

Burnin candles in daylight

Makin’ me feel all right

In this winter cold

Oh I know

Oh, yes I know

It will be alright

I’ll hold

I’ll hold you close

Through the cold

Oh we are trying to go

Where this ole road, goes, rolls

Oh I know Oh I know

That’s there’s oh so long to go

With you

When I turned seventeen

So long ago it seems

27 I’ll make my way

Hear what mom and dad have to say

Bout me now

We are going to find a life

On America’s east side

Good friends left behind

This was the only time

To get away

Turn-in the countryside

For those city lights

A studio with some clothes

Good lord we got to go

And make it big

Brooklyn Bound







Brooklyn bound

Giving up the simple life

Now the eternal city sound

Subways for farms

Working hard

Waking up to early alarms

Because me and my girl

Are Brooklyn bound

We have waited


And anticipated

What will become of us

Once we break the state border

To bust

Through unto the city light

Headed east

Feeling alright

We are making a new home

Now that we are

Brooklyn bound

No more unneeded belongings

Scaling back to necessity

Some clothes and a guitar

Her and me

Praying the car holds up

Keeps us safe and alive

Warm in the evening

Starts up at night

Moving out to make a new home

Now that we are Brooklyn bound

Simple goodbyes will not do

We have love for family

Embedded deep for me and you

We will hug our parents tight

Make sure the dogs are alright

We will drive straight through the night

Cause when the mailman comes back around

Our car will be gone

To our new home Brooklyn bound

The Grieving Period









Quiet creaking house

Computer keys crunch quietly

Under wooden adjustments made overhead

The moon still high

The sun yet to have shed

A light on the new day

Cold and dreary

Making my way through the world


I will attend the funeral

Pray my peace

Offer up my best

For the souls that rest

Life bustles on outside the church

As it always does

On a cold January morning

While we pray inside

Once the ceremony is over

The prayers said

We will face the cold

Make our ways back to life

Fall asleep again

Breathe again

Talk again

We will take a moment

And then walk through the door

As the week starts again

We fall asleep on Sunday

And wake anew

For it is another Monday

Cellophane Pictures

birds in flight






Cellophane Pictures

Cellophane pictures

Cell phones


Bitter feelings


Conceding nothing

Taking everything

Consumer products

Produced with ideals

Placement perfect

A mechanical seal

Touching fingers nimble

A relevant symbol

Memories commemorated

Can be used and heard

With these

Cellophane pictures

Late Night Disdain

glass o coffee








Late Night Disdain

Late night disdain

Where bloodshot eyes

With tiny red vanes

Are the common strain

Overdoing every simple task

Trying to stretch each moment

To get a little more

Than the last

This bloodshot haze has me

Gripped and held

I must find a bed

So my body can be held

And sleep

Turn wake

And sleep

The Morning Salute









My eyes look upon

Something strange

Minutes before dawn

The peace of moments new

A day anew

The weary eyed few

That arise at this hour

Stumble fourth

And yawn to the heavens

Like gentle flowers

We make our ways

Through streets frozen cold

Filled with feet of winter snow

In the city of Chicago

Yet we go

Be it train or car

Foot or bus

We go

To our locations

Bustling confrontations

From skyscrapers

To the subway underneath

Life today is cold

Yet joyous

Continued on with a chorus

Of horns and tires

I salute you Chicago

In the morning hours

We find our purpose

Amongst the weeds

Burst these most beautiful flowers

Steps Taken in Order









Shuffled feet

Shouting from pavement

Filled with snow piled black

With dirt and rocks

City people making their way

From one city block

To the next

Steps taken

In order and out of

Spring waiting

For winter to fall

Weeks away

This contest of will power

Contested against the elements

Makes me wonder

What am I doing here

Delays come in Every Shade

Delays come in Every Shade

Delays come in every shade

Some unintentional

Some man made

Waiting for the right time

Can be a distraction

While the postponing real resolve

Leads to the utmost dissatisfaction

Running around to wait

To see

To be there

When you need to be

Yet can all be delayed



At some point

When the bags are packed

Forward progress has begun

And no looking back

Free yet cautious

Conscious decisions made

For not one more day

Can I be delayed