Absurd Transport

It was just a bus ride

Or was it


It ended in a wreck

A quick turn

Before the bus could yield

In the field of traffic

But it happened

So quick

A panic

Set in my bones

We were all together

But yet deftly alone

It happens in a split second

Not a moment wasted

As my life passed by me

And my eye were hastened on the

Emergency bar

Which broke my fall

In one moment

I could see them all

Grate Tongue

A great tongue

Or a grate tongue

Is the difference between

Hope and death


And pesimissim

Yet the same words

Can yield such

Vastly different results

Hurled insults

Or praises

Can be raised to the sky above

So I must decide today

Which path to take

Which hope to say

To move forward

In a positive way