Departure Forms

I signed the sheets

Up in heat

Don’t wait for the results

I already lost

What I gained

I played the game

One lame man I am

These departure forms

Are on


Beyond the Nose

Beyond the nose

Of the dogs of democracy

Voluntary crazy

We have come to be

No sight

Or sound

Could bring us back together


Where the differences divide

Has dug in quite far

Full of liquid melted tar

Beyond the nose

Will be more problems

Where our senses

Can’t go

Thundering Crook

Thundering crook

Took his last look

At a table set

To make his own

Little did he know

That below the table

Sat a man

Who had the same plan as his own

As the crook grabbed the table

The two quickly became unstable

The alarm rang out

And they both went to jail


Not alone

Howl Unto the Day

Howl into the day

The ones who complain

The most

Have the most jagged teeth

For biting and losing

Their minds

Howling late into the night

When I am sleeping off

The time

Language Flaws

I have discovered language flaws

A pool above ground

Is still a soundly referred to pool

Where a full pool under the land

Is a pool as well

This seems injust


Language is flawed

I knew this all along

Hotel Chains

Hotel chains

Where we go to sleep

Chain the hotels

When we go easy

Or we go late

Hotel chains

Are trying to make changes

With plastics and disposables

I know though

That the hotel chains are changing

The Lineup

Art in place

Hold the rat race

When the lineup is announced

With brims of smiles

Waiting to come out

Whether you make the list

Or are cut

The point of art is to

Create mastery forms of gut