Bold Times

Good times

Signed rhymes

Of uncharacteristic hue

What holds me down

Pushes me up too

Coffee Afternoon

Coffee afternoon

From a day well on

It’s way

Through the orange

Lights of morning

On the 405


The drive

Wake up the senses

Into the day

Unequal Fence

A fence runs along

The seems of a property

Judicious in its connecting pieces

Separating the easements

All fences have the imperfection

Of construction

And deterioration

A fence from the ground

To the sky

Coordinated Volcano

The coordinated volcano

Knows when to blow the steam

When to burn the smoke

When to break at the seems

It can shut its leaks

And wait for the weak

When the coordinated volcano


Onion Opinions

Onion opinions

The popular trend

Begin again and again

With the same refrain

Said for days

A lazy sleep

Will wish me away

From the stinky options

Of spoiled onion breathe

Upon a delicate day

Casts shadows of death