Made for Infinite

Made whole

Only to be broken

Held on to

Until no words were spoken

We are made for infinte

But struggle with moments

Like these


What the Subconscious​ Knows

One more time

Second try

Perfect rhyme

Hold on to perfection

Or just let your instincts

Be your best regression

Hold on


Let go

Time to flow

And see what the subconscious knows

The Showers

Clean me oh great shower

Prepare me for another day

Refresh my senses in steam

And warmth

Relax my mind

Open my heart

Showers in the morning

Always seems to be

The best start

What I Know

What I know

I know I don’t know


All I have learned

So far to go and learn

So much to hear and live

Impossible to know

What you don’t know

But the goal

Is to just grow

A Time of Worry and Sorrow

A time of worry

And sorrow

What can be changed

That can’t be undone

What is being rearranged

Feels like

Looking directly at the sun

Hold breathe

And hold hands

We have a responsibility for this