A Place Behind

What to make of the old place

Feeling more nostalgia

Then when I left

A place behind

In time


We all move on


Sand Man

Fallen into the depths

Of a quick sand

No plan

What’s left

Of a ruined man

Falling quickly away from the


Under a clear drawn blue


If we ask why

We understand

That you can not build a house

Upon a lie

Untitled Treasure

Untitled treasure

In a chemical wasteland

Can I even understand

A land

That goes well beyond

My own years

My own tears

Made up



Untitled treasure

No way to measure

With a single hand


Checked Table Mats

Checked table mats

Late night pizza joint

Family owned

A mumble of patrons

A brew of beers


In the late night pizza shop

Love late into the night

After the game

A win was had for the gip

All hailed after long trips

Into the hometown

Being around