Franchise Virus

The franchise virus

Growing from the roots

Of a dead cypress

Cold pressed nightmares

Held up by titans

Each man has a turn

To flame the words

Caught up on the wings

Of drunken birds

By night

And by day

What the naysayers say

Is the franchise lies

Being manufactured day

And night

Barbaric Nature

Baffling word barbaric in nature

Wondering if what these words mean

Could have foreseen me in danger

Biting at every corner confused

Bemused with conjunction and function

These words have settled me amusing

Creating concrete facts I am using

Never the language I am abusing

Tyring to learn a new flow and rhyme

All to be done

Not just part time

Every day

Every line

I write

Comes a new idea a new inspirations

Condensation of the mind

And spirit

Upon the paper written

In my mind I hear it

The words fell off my fingers touching

Connecting each other puzzles solved

The simile resolved

I move on to contracted spirits

And to a path contingent

On the next line

The next phrase

For each word written

Is now where the sentence lays

Down Around Town

This is as much a piece of work as it is a play on words and meaning. I try to utilize the last
word in the last 3 lines of each verse to speak something to the reader – in addition
to what the poem is actually reading. I am trying to find a way to convey meaning
both internally and from the roots of the poem, utilizing words that struck a chord
with the mind frame in which I am writing. Enjoy!
Words burning up
And falling down
All around

Tinsel town

Not one man


Can say

And “Play”

Words collide slowly


The ceiling

Cracking and peeling

A mind collection



A thought of pretending

Through veins pumping

Asking to quit

This shit

And just sit

Pockets invaded

In time

Not one dime

Will be mine

Forgetting questions

Ask for yours

For tours

Through U.S. contours

Tipping crashing

Feeling tall

Until we fall

And beginning to crawl

Thoughts collapse

With whiskey

A bit risky

And feeling frisky

Further patience made

In time

A clear mind

Will be a sign

To clear the stage


Simply adhere to a bow

Replying “Ciao”