Random Coffee Notes – The Beginning

Brown beans roast Caramel hues

Falling on Embers of sweet bitters

Swirling softly blending cream & butter

Fall softly on palettes rejoicing

Voicing things sweet & tender

This is a wonder of texture

And timbre

It embraces the tongue and sustains the mind

Wrapped around smooth air tucked

In every cup waiting

To be released tender on ones tongue awaiting

It’s chance to dance for a moment

In ones conscious golden component

It is a treat to behold

A love to endure

And a true addiction of the senses

At the Café people embrace thoughts and minds

Spilling on the edges of the cup

To be filled is one

To be embraced is to be much more

To sit lightly and await the subtle berries

Flowery greeting of the senses

It brings out the sky and air

Leaving gentle hues upon your mouth

Awaiting one more

This is not an easy love

To come back one more time

To refresh both mind and senses

It settles the mind

Awakes the rest in us

In a simple joyful recluse

To get away

Escape this world




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