Baltic Blast

Baltic blast

With a cup

Of tea

Through the glass

How the world spins

Through a moment

In a time when

The moments equal

A moment less


Baltic winds

Over a sea of Glass


Sink or Quit

Sink or quit

A conundrum

Of the lightest bit

To go down quick

In the flames of memory

Or slowly

To a bottom toll

I hold my hope for a new life

A new goal

Bitter Ends

The bitter ends

Confusions and hope

Whole the while

Filling in the holes

From bitter ends

And faithful sends

In a week and time

When we make our alright

Land and Sea

Land and sea

The space we live

And the in between

Fragile and imperfect

Set backs

From certain

While the deep blue curtains

Are pulled on the shore

Of Florida

Boat Life

Boat life and

Sea legs

Walking straight lines

Or off lines

Doing the best I can

The wild blue ocean

Bounds the sides

Of the ship

Ripping at the sides

Slamming side to side

On a life

On board


Ocean sweep me away

From the miles of land

Away into the abyss

Of water and sand

Pull me from the night

With you whiplash waves

In the eve of night I walk the deck

To make sure we are

Safe and set

Ocean oh ocean

How fragile

Yet deadly

Fire and friendly

O Ocean carry me away

And tell stories for today

Late Night Log

The late night


Compiled of

Many written stories


The waves of the ocean

As we are taken

Briskly out to sea

Swelled into currents

And miles from the shore

Late night logs of words

And more