One More Thought

Let it out

Like the springs of a midwestern lake

Filling a giant whole

With a reserve of water

Let it flow

Like East River

Of the Hudson

Rolling into the ocean

Up the state

One more thought on this theme

And we are off

Off we go


Competition can be the thief of joy

Stealing expression

Sealing contention

Competition is fun and vital

But not always what is needed

Not always right

Competition can run the life

Out of expression


New York View

A grey off colored late morning

The pendulum of metronome

Clanks from within the construction walls

The paisley building stand

Juxtaposed to billboards and lights

The creamy paleness of the Queensboro Bridge

Speckles with lights and cars

Crawling slowly over

And crimson and white lines smoke

Stacks litter the sky



The east river is covered from sight

The land filled with energy


Magnificient architecture

Glistens well into the night

A New York view

New to me in a way

But still the same

And true


Unequal Comparison

Why hold true

To a standard irrelevant

To me and you

Thinly veiled lies

With boundaries soft and broken

Our lives push

While the past we keep holding

An unequal comparison

Of feathered grey facts

Keeping the slow-moving world

At ease