Normally Abnormal

Poems on current affairs

Or the state of the current affair

I am not sure how to decipher


The difference

I mean

Who cares

Underwater drones seized

I guess this is what it will be

The new normal

Is not normally

Going along

In a world changing

Faster than my hands can type

This type of change is uncertain


We lack direction

We lack the ability

To detect a fraud

Before its inception

What’s the use

It is just the new

Something we have to get used to


Cycle Continue

In the news

Nothing new it seems

Nothing we can’t undo


How the cycle continues

How uncertain can we pull back the curtain

Of deception


Around and around

We go

Think of the Solution

I will arise

Arise in the morning

Arise to the challenge

Lie awake at night

Thinking of solutions

My own illusion


Never quite reached

In a hope of making a plan

To build a house

Upon a great heap of sand

So I run



I Respect

What is freedom of speech

When it is used as a means

To insult the strong or weak

Has an inherent conflict

With the word’s we speak

I respect

But respectfully disagree

How do we discover a line

A purpose

When the lines are so blurry now

We all have a right to our own views

At what point does it infringe on the rights

Of others

If abused in this sense

Seems morally distressed

I respect the freedom of speech

But I also must respect you


Keep Your Stakes

Keep your stakes friend

I will keep mine

You run the country

I’m running around just trying

No advocates for artist

Rather keep the real estate

State to state


The lies keep dropping 

Like smog filled drops of rain

What’s potential and what’s real

Only the average man can feel

Not in some high rise or looming tower

The hands that make these luxuries

Know nothing of the top shelf

Build it high

Then sell it to the highest bidder




What’s happens to the hands that build these towers

After the wealthy have laid there fur rugs

We all look up in disdain


Keep your holdings friends

And I’ll keep mine

Pure Ebullience

Surge the dollar 

Pure investor ebullience

Jitters provoked 


My dollar stays the same

Still 4 bucks for coffee

6 bucks for a meal 

What the fuck is the fuss?

Fuss fuss fuss

I still can barely keep up

This powerful emblem means something

To someone 

Just not me

Not today

Or tomorrow

Hit the high gear

It’s getting rough

Tax cuts


I’ve had enough

A War on Green

Tie up the oil

Tie up the gas

In the great denial

Begin the legal battle

Over the fossils

Destiny and preserved

Hire the best and fire the worst

Our climate denial is coming

The ultimate relinquish

Of control and influence

For a cheap king

The policies will change

The great hoax

Others will refer to

The war on green

Has begun