Embark Blindly


The final hours down

I can’t say I regret much

Although loosing

Loved ones was rough

A full decade to reflect

Looking back at life’s intersect

Even as I fine tooth comb inspect

I am happy

Moving forward and not leaning back

Bursting at the seems

With high impact

I embark upon 30


It takes a moment to set in

Realize the final ringing of the bell

Not an ending

But a closing

Reaching back at this point

Has no meaning

Worthless in my attempts

My vain grabs at last seconds commence

As ten years of live conclude

I had counted down the months

Since I knew

27 turned 28

No big deal

28 turned 29

No 30 was in sight

And tonight

Tonight it sits quite real

Real indeed

It came so quick on my

With high velocity speed

So I reject with no anger or remorse

I will let time do it’s just course

Submit to the seconds that will bring about change

In my mind, body, and soul

I will celebrate my own growing old

But as these last moments unfold

I hope that I can do better in the next ten

No regrets

But not letting up

Seeing the next decade to the end

Age brings about wisdom

Which in turn sets me free

As I embark blindly

Upon the journey

Of turning 30


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