The Critical Crown

Critical crown

Lifted up

From the ground

Every single person

From the top down

Cried when we watched

How it came to

A heap on the ground

Unusual as it had been

To see the wickedness of many sins

Compiled into the critical crown

Lying on the dusty ground


Pebble of Power

Upon the discovery of power

People change

They plan rearrange

They insist on more

Rather than less

Have no hope of giving

In times of distress

How can a pebble of power

Turn into a stone



Patient Representative Producer

Patient representative

Subtle glow

Only make changes happen

When it’s something that they know

Maybe we need impatience


To do away with the old

And in with the new

Producers see the light

And see it through

Straying from the oath often

And never too soon

Avocado Tone

Avocado tone

Smooth and buttery

Upon satisfaction

The center disposed with



In a Whole Foods

In a store in Williamsburg

On my way into town

Smooth tones

In smooth stores

A Rotten Destiny

A rotten destiny

Filled with blasphemy

Blaming infamy

Of tyranny

On the everyday man

And woman


And odd

But when people die

Not even the truth can imply

That responsibility is ours

Behind these bars

I scream

Abundant Contradiction

The abundant contradiction

Flows unknowingly


From the words of misguided souls

In words we see

The eternity

Of fluid


From the lips of

Cold settled


Contradictions abound

While the wind that moves

Through our lips

Make the sound