Vice United

Vice united

One country so


We need a resolution

To bring about restitution



Man and Kind

Man and kind

To be both

Is to be full of life

Full of love

Hope and opportunity

There is no broad stroke

That needs to be taken

When the realization

Of what a human is made of

Constructed of

Is more than a social identifier

But rather is full

Of love

Impound Personality

Impound personality

Strong and observed

Held me up

With a steel nerve

Hoping up

But mostly let down

Impounded personality

Takes my own desires

Just beyond the ground

A Forgotten​ Wagon

A forgotten wagon

An old school bus

What we throw away

It falls back on us

With no weight but


That the metals sitting


Well past the end date

Forgotten wagon

Will be torn down

As mother nature

Will surely


Oral Carbon

The exhaust

We inhale

Becomes a part of the


Of our being

Consumed in quantities

Large and unseen

Carbon emitted from the streets

Of fire and burning

Of the eyes I see

The carbon lung

Please Lower the Cart

Lower the cart

So I can fit in my belongings

Holding hope

Heading west

With a soul so longing

What cannot fit

Can not be moved

All the rest

Will be forgotten

And smoothed

With time and separation

One day away

A new days vacation

Upon the cart out loved collections

Up the street

And beyond the intersection


Push the Pen

If I don’t who will

Take the medicine

By swallowing the pill

Up late

And down early

Push the pen

Just over 30

Mistakes don’t exist

In this little of the blip

I don’t promote

I don’t bloat

I just push the pen

Late into the night


Of stars colliding


Delete Loan

Delete the loan

A deleted loan

From a deleted user

Credit card decline

Repeat abuser

A loan

A card

Two blades of grass

Cut from the yard

No bank knows

Where the money goes

So it goes

On and on