City will Fail Me

City will fail Me

Displace me

Let me down

My mind

My voice

My reasons

Sometimes I get back up

At times you just lay down

No one asks questions

I just look around

And decide

Whether I should

Get back up


Fallen Mind

Lay me down

So I can hold you

Feel you

Breathe you in

My Fallen mind

Is reeling


To keep this in

World around

Is not helping

Or holding

These paper walls are thin


The other side

It is a hurry

A worry

What will

Tell the length of sin

Matters of the heart

Caring passion

Some thin skin

Holding hands

We can make it

Break it

Another life

Will come back again

Inconvenient Actions

Inconvenient actions

Created by unstable minds

Lost my own time

Caught up in the winds

Created from ones whims

I get lost in anger and regret

Why is it that I should have to be set
On these feelings when I have stay quiet

My lips fall silent while my mind riots

I flow like water

Not held back by anything

Rolling and flowing

Taking life to the next scene

Two Steps from the Crazies

Two steps from the crazies

It is truly quite amazing

No matter how I go about it

I find it

Running on the street

Talking to themselves on the sidewalks

Conversations blown up

With only one person who talks

Moving in fluid motion

Among the peace and quite

Among the commotion

Embedded in every situation

Creating abundant amounts of frustrations

Steer clear for a time

I have discovered no

Protective line

Now I watch out for the crazies

Watch what I do

What I say

Mind my own business

Try enjoy my day

Poetry and Go

Poetry and go
Brings up
The hardest working man I know
The wee morning he closes his shop
Into the night he goes
No fancy clothes
No high rise
Lifting him high
Into the New York sky
He finds his labor in a pizza shop
Day in day out
Nothing too fancy
Nothing much to talk about
Just late nights and early mornings
Into his 80 he will be working
A true inspiration
Of the American work ethic

Friends Among Strangers

Thoughts floating indistinct
Finding ears receiving
While some short lived
Fall extinct
Sweet carmel swift
Fall on noses
Scent drift
Bitters produce taste
Lingering strong
Keeping minds wake
All night long
Greenpoint and Williamsburg
Making friends among strangers
While coffee drips
Testing the hot draw
With tender lips
Small sips we grow
Ideas bloom
From the cold ground
With the melting snow
Tucked in a borough of NYC
They will find us
Locked eyes
You and me

Scholastic Skies

Scholastic Skies

Stare over Brooklyn

Built with math and arithmatic

Particular attention

To each inch and yard

Stretched in the air

So pretty

Built with human hands

This is

New York City

The Resolve of Cooler Heads







Until cooler heads prevail

Under mild winds

Set sail

No good will come of this

No anger will resolve

Will new problems evolve

Cutting new wounds

Deeper than the original

So until cooler heads prevail

The boat sits in the harbor still

Waiting until

The patterns change

Sending this craft back

On its way