A Man Named Stone Cold

I met a man name Stone Cold

He lives on the outer rim of Detroit

He told me the city is more dangerous

Than ever

That the house that he cared

For his dying mother

Is falling apart

And the walls are caving in

He is doing his best

But he feels it means nothing

He aspires to rap and make a living

He has dreams

We have dreams

We dream together

Of something better

Where the walls don’t fall in

While you watch your own mother die

In the rim of Detroit

People have dreams

But life slips away

While taking care of loved ones

In this country

In our backyard

We took a picture together

I wished him the best

I wish I could do more

I wish I could do more

Lord watch over Stone Cold

The Unity Car

It was once a car

A materialistic capitalistic


Anyone who looked at it deeper

Thought there might be

Something wrong

Until a slight change in perspective

A change in view

Created something new

48,000 miles with a view

Of a country on the ropes

In fighting and such

What was need was a crutch

So this car became a symbol

The symbol a journey

The journey a legend

And a legend to history

It is the story of the unity car

Making its way across the country

Bringing people together as a community artwork

Bringing people closer together

Each and every mile