Sensitivity‚Äč Dividend

For every emotion

A penny

Every feeling a dime

Every thought

A dollar

Could this solve

Theft and crime

For hope and dignity


We must grow as individuals

Before we know what

The dividend will pay


Congress Organize Royalty

Congress organizes for royalty



What if we could arrange

Our own destiny

In the hands of the many

In the words of a century old


Precedent in Presence

What comes next

What pillar to fall

While the justices


Peace for all

What can be attacked

And won

When mere human will

Is running thin

We set our own fate

Etched in stone

Now as the gavel falls

One by one

It’s each man and woman

For their own

Wealth Jacket

Wealth jacket

A fine look

Even without context

Or a hook

Standing out in a crowd

Subway bound

In a roundabout

I saw the girl across the platform

In his uniform

Morning looks

Can be beautiful

Time Back in NYC

Time back in the old neighborhood

Where it feels right

So good

Parking late night journeys

Leading to a morning early

Seeing the skyline

With a dusty cloud sitting

Just above the tall buildings proud

Good to be back in the city

The Dramatic Approval

Approval points

Heard from the televisions

Buzzing in the background


A lot of attention

Held up by politicians hopes

Of ascension

Not just one dimension

So a frantic dramatic approval

Is given

When all we need

Is for others to ask

To be forgiven