Wide Eyed Disdain

Eyes disdain in disbelief

Holding red lines of grief

Have not slept in a couple days

Not quite sure what this says

Words fold into each other

Bending softly and creating another

Having no real meaning to my brain

As my thoughts slow like a clogged drain

This poem is nothing more than a flow

I will let the words take me

Wherever it might go

Letting go

Is the theme distinct in my mind

A sign of the changing time in my life

Letting go and doing

Rather than talking and maneuvering

Away from steps I am taking

In a forward motion

To keep one foot ahead

On the road crushing pebbles and stones

Moving my body forward

Into the unknown

That is where I begin

The other ends

The new beginning is upon my breath

A feeling invigorating and true

Taking me away to someplace new

I will write with one eye open

The other rests

And rests

While the mind is left open



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