Desperation Attempt

If this were to be my desperation attempt
Would you hold me in contempt
Under the Michigan summers sun
Beams burning my skin and tongue
Speaking words grasping at meaning
Uneven and fleeting
Like sand on beaches creeping
Back from waters and storms
Clouds rolling in on Michigan shores
Attempting and achieving
While words soar with sophisticated meaning
I have no plan
No great devise
To make it out of here
Under these burnt pink skies
I wish there was more to offer
With words from poetic authors
But for now I settle my bones
On summers sands and thawed out winter shores
In a desperate attempt to reach out
Move my lips with breathe
And shout
That life offers more than deep discounts
But mounts heavy on lazy fingers
Swelling in summer season
I have but yet one reason
To attempt my voice
To give light to my choice
And rejoice
In this desperation attempt
And the message goes
In these words I have sent


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