The Gathering Cup

This is a truly ironic poem. I noticed it after writing it – because even though there are major crimes that go on in these countries (including the USA) I would wish to think that the coffee cup brings out the best of different cultures. Blame it on being naive, but it is a wish that I have. That somehow this bean is something that all people can relate on – unpretentious and simple. But obviously I know that where money goes follows corruption and tragedies of humanity. So I write this about the cafe – where people come to join. I have never been to Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Mexico all that I do know about these places extend from my love of coffee. So here it is a simple poem trying to look at the brighter side of things and enjoy – best served with a pour over. Cheers!

The Gathering Cup
Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mexico
Gather here in this sacred place
Where aroma lifts slowly off frothed steel jugs
Dripping water slowly and carefully
Tender caress with no mistake
Roasting perfect and smooth
Lifts the mind and body
Brought back to the clanging of changing cups
Clearing out old liquids to make room for new
Splashing hot water into cracks and cleansing
Banging of tin and steel
Bringing out the thoughts of perfection
Conversations spiral softly and incoherent
Lips embrace subtle rounded porcelain
A gathering room for stories of wild fields
Both near and far
Take these memories where you are
The electricity huzzes and buzzes
Soft as a bee landing in the hive
Settling the feet ever so gentle
Charging the ice makers and MP3 players
A meeting place for like-minded
Or adverse minded
No one really minds
On certain days Matt will make a particularly good brew
Done with care to temperature and form
With pure focus
Now I return to my gathering cup
To the flavors of Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mexico

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