In Germany

What an amazing first experience in Europe we had in Gera, Germany. I posted a video yesterday and have really been moved by the entire experience. It was a culture that was physically speaking very close to mine – but mentally a completely different place. I really enjoyed the simple appreciation for beauty and respect for the earth. Of course we have this in the States but in a different way. I was inspired and here are some of my thoughts. Cheers.

The Simple beauty of time gone by

Life lived in a lullaby

Not as pretty or so fancy

There is no real need

Amidst these hills and far away

I have learned of beauty this way

I can see right now the beauty


A sunset falling sleepy over green hills

I feel connected to the evening still

The air brushes gently on my face

Evening crisp cool embrace

Houses gardens touching holding

The earth below blessing bestowing

The best of what mother earth can give

Keep it simple

This is no live preserved

This night is the live lived

Far away from my comfort and home

A long distance I have roamed

To this place in Germany

On the eastern border

Where nature is taken seriously

Treated with gentle care

The birds sing out

Over the mountains over thereThrough the allies and into townThe birds calls fall quiet to the city soundPeople moving slow enjoying the sceneLike no other place I have been Amidst a new culture A beautiful new faceI have come to nowThis is a truly moving place


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