Birds of the City

Would city birds leave if they could
Fly away from the skyscrapers and sirens
Over the lake to Michigan and rest
To land no longer on towers but trees soft and green
To escape the busy city scene
Or do they enjoy the rush
Soaring from tower to tower
Picking up scraps from late night prowlers
Living off the city streets
Begging to make ends meet
This is their home and ours
We share it willfully but not willingly
Would we dismiss all of these birds
Shunned away from the city, scourged
But the what would float from rooftop to rooftop
Making its way with wings expanded and strong
Calling out in its evening song
They are part of the landscape of this city
They too are the blood pumping in the veins underground
Keeping us connected to nature in the cement ground
I look up to see a bird fly by
This keeps me connected to the life
That lies beyond these city skies


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