The Grand Piano

Touching these keys

Learning the ropes

Can never quite know

If I will ever own a Grand Piano

No complaints

Simple observations

Over one late night practice

A good evening of contemplation

The keyboard is the working mans way

Not sure why

I thought about all the notes I have known

How they come and go

They are the only notes I hold

Hold them close

As the time rolls

And the money shrinks and grows

Falling in and out of my life

But the piano is a constant for me

Beckoning just a simple practice

Rehearsal for the future

But I will never own

One of those

Grand Pianos

Was not my life choice

Money was never my motivation

The crazy life of a musician

That full of life sensation

Wondering around our great nation

Playing for an ear that will listen

And notice

All the notes that flow out of my soul


While content minds sip on sodas

At the bar where the piano sits

No one gives a shit about it

The grand piano

That I can play

But never own

A musician

On call waiting

Sitting on their phone

No I will never own that Grand Piano

Or a suit to go with it

I will own my songs and my life

And all that is in it

For a short time

A stint some say

Then in time it is all taken away

So in the end I need no Grand Piano

Its not mine to own

I will learn and learn from it

It will become a true friend

But in the end

When the lights are off

Both the piano and I know

I will never own

This Grand Piano


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