The Truculent Type

The truculent type

Eager to get in on the fight

Angered with quick dissatisfaction

Moving hands into fists

Is the only reaction

Abounding in frustration

Lack of understanding

Spectacular use of vernacular

Steaming at the collar

No hopes of understanding

The only mechanism deployed

Is the hope to destroy

The long term approach

Rather than manifesting a life coach

Is to ravage a nation

From sea, to hill, to plantation

Rip the goods from the earth

In one giant selfish prolonged gestation

Rather than to swim in the new waters

See a new view

Understating the chance of

Understanding me and you

This marvelous blunder

Is abounding from side to side

Unearthed down below the snow

As the weight pulled up from below

Seek to understand rather than plunder

Or else we all go under




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