Anxious Crown

A man wearing an anxious crown

Throws back with withered thorns

The indignity of hope scorned

Must have a courageous play

To be once more adorned

His hopes as fragile as pencil

Under great pressure

Bending at the point

Of almost breaking

He takes a swig of heady liquids

Rising the spirits with his hand

Set out for a journey

Looking over the peoples land

His mind now deep in reflection

Of how his hope and optimism

Slowly grew into his flailing crown

Now is the moment to return

The curtains are pulled on the stage

One error has the potential to destroy

What he has crafted with single heart joy

His feet begin to move

At first wacky and unprotected

But with his heart projected

He steadies his feet and walks out

The light shines and this

Is his time


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