The Bergamot – One Mile

Such a great article. Please take a moment to read this.

The Sound Sniffer

Brooklyn based husband and wife duo Jillian Speece & Nathaniel Paul Hoff form the enchanting musical project that is The Bergamot. I was introduced to this band this time last week when I was sent their latest single ‘One Mile’, I was instantly impressed, not only by the song but also the work that went into the video that accompanied it. I didn’t have any knowledge of them before then, thank god I do now. These are no ordinary band, they are an Emmy Award winning band – picking up the award in 2018 for their Trailblazers documentation.

I had a quick blast through their earlier releases and was stopped swiftly in my tracks by Ceasefire. This is a song that packs a punch and gets caught in the ear instantly. The couple’s style reminds me of early Angus & Julia Stone a bit. I’m going to link that…

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