2 Dollar Barefoot Friend

My 2 dollar barefoot friend

Say’s don’t forget the gift he sent

I don’t give these away cheap

For this gift I give you now

Was once mine to keep

Is the best I have to offer

Not much monetary

All my pockets could carry

With no shoes on my feet

Keeping my limbs clean

Not a requirement

A choice rather

To stay simple and connected

So on bare feet I stand


He imparted simple knowledge

With a gift of simple patronage

In a coffee house with steam buzzing

People talking

Computer keys chirping

My 2 dollar barefoot friend stood standing

Connected to the ground

In a way so organic and true

His motivation true

Eyes keen on anti-convention

Somehow he felt more alive

With a true world connection

As the night got late he carried on

I went my way he went his

But his two dollar bill

Was his gift to give

And the simplicity of

A barefoot connection


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