The Possession of Fluent Success

The unknown path of success

Teeters as much in my hands

As it does at rest

It balances not with my abilities

Talents or goodwill

It will find a line curved

Sloped sideways

And up a hill

The great challenge is to wait


Knowing that I am

Unacquainted with the ways of success

It must pass from my hands

Through the eyes of onlookers

Into ears and slowly through hearts

Then it must make it way

Back out through the mouth

To adhere to other ears

Drumming to the sound of what is new success

These ears must then determine if my notes

Pass their discernment test

For which at this point

I have no possession of fluent success

It is now in the air we breathe

The sights we see

It is out there tucked away

Against the mess


I can not define

What is success


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