Perfusion of the Sociopath

The inconsolable sociopath

Taking note of what to destroy

Along the path

It is sad

That little can be done for such sadness

How can I reflect on my own faults

Weaknesses and shortcomings

Undone and left for incomplete

I wake in the morning

To refine the nimbleness of the fingers

Mind and stretch the soul

I will admit that my own weakness

Is that I can not slow down

Take hold

But if we search for only the shortcomings

Of one another

We will be sorely disappointed

None can claim perfection as a profession

Such naysayers can have such perfusion

A fusion feeding the needing soul

Passing through this life

Looking for the simple imperfections to hold on to

I pass over this

Wake up again and let it go to rest

There is only so much stress

I stay cool

Under the real life test


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