The Concussion of Consumption

A brother in arms

We move forward attempting

To right our wrongs

From our previously torpid ways

Deny science


We harbor no feelings for advance

When we recede rather than succeed

Impede rather than proceed

The ice caps melt

Float away

We push it back another day

Another generation

Another worry for another nation

As the suns rays

Trap in our atmosphere

Our smiling unwilling faces

Burned and seared

There is no therapeutic release

From this great indignation

Jam our hands with more consumption

Pushing back the possible eruption

Our will becomes fuzzy from the sudden jolt

Of a concussion

We have the ability to go from sour

To marvelous

From sinister

To genius

It is now truly up to us

For we have watered down the glass

But now the glass overflows

We must take heed of what our actions sow

For the future

Our harbors will cease to exist

Unless we make moves to resist

Nature does not need us to persist

So it is a calling to action

Sounding the alarms

For we are now all bound as brothers in arms


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