Jerk of my Emotion

Dreaming of a luscious tropical escape – in the midst of a cold spell in the midwest. It was fun to escape the mind to this place, only to be pulled back to the bittersweet Indiana town. Never the less indulge yourself for just a couple of moments – read it twice for a return to your escape and then pull yourself back and feel refreshed – i think… Enjoy!


Bout time

Out of sight

Out of mind

In the right

Or in the wrong

Sing it summer love

In a similar song

Sitting in a boat

Upon the wide ocean

Tug of the sea

A jerk of my emotion

Keep singing on and on

Bitterness so sweet

In part to a song

Birds fly by with careful craft

The water laps the boat

Trickles down

Warming laugh

Oceans are miles away

Settled into winters gray

But thoughts can wonder

And surely do

Over oceans wide

Of summers dew

My mind is peaceful

Hopeful content

Winter will soon follow

Where summer had went

Fast folding packing every season

You must hold fast for every reason

The snow will melt upon sunshine beams

Winters embrace will fall apart

And burst at the seems

But for now I will relinquish

In winter sleep

For as it is now

This optimism

I surely must keep


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