A Wooden Story

This is not a story about John Wooden. I mean wooden as in consisting of wood. I took a minute in another hotel room to reflect and think about what my guitar would say – if it could speak. I think it might say some of the things herein – probably a lot more than what I could think of. But I will never know. I just hope it is good – I try my best. I hope you enjoy the story and rock on!

What story would this guitar tell

Would it be true

Or would it lie

Would it tell you everything

Or just enough to stop the questions

Would it be loud

Or soft

And kind

Gentle or harsh

Loud and unforgiving


What would it say

Brag and boast

Or simply tell a small tale

Would it go on and on

Or just talk for a quick minute

I would like to think I have taken care of her

She has worked hard and played hard

I try to let her see the world

Through song and lyric

I expose her to new challenges and obstacles

Experiences and countries

Al the while she continues to stay true

To work hard and stay in tune

She needs a little love and care

And a bit of repair

But on Saturday nights you can hear her

Sing bright in the stage light

Bringing a smile to my face

Resonating at her own pace

I hope she has a great life

When she reflects she can say

Being here with me was much better

Than ok