Blindly Foster the Bottom Line

The ridiculous news to report

Healthcare says it wants to hike rates

It was ill prepared

For how ‘sick’ the new customers are

This made my stomach turn

A giant corporate entity

Does not even know the US people

That it serves

Serving up new rates is what

They want to do

They don’t care to care for anyone

Other than themselves

No soft word can put this injustice down

We pay companies

That don’t want to care for anyone

That doesn’t foster the bottom line

Mother Theresa said she saw

The worst of poverty in the US

And we try to make changes

With corporate billions that don’t want to care

For the sick and elderly

Surely they have capitalized on our culture

With no intent to give back

Rather sneak a little more

We must understand that people are sick

Sick and tired

And it is our calling to care

So that we in turn can be cared for

It makes me sick

To see the headlines

That healthcare officials

Had no idea how sick people really are

They should cut a vacation and do something for once

Take care of the US people