The Craigslist Table

The white table from Craigslist

Has earned it’s keep

In the apartment

A writers guide

To endorsing parchment

Upon it we have written songs



Its sturdiness is much appreciated


Held on

The white table

Is keeping on



A Better Bet

Unequal substitute

Fulfills a desire though

With nothing to shoot

It is the Scarlet Letter of clothes

The melted plastic of Pleather

Adorned on shoulders and cars

Filling up the seats of old bars

Rather than take life of an animal

Smooth to the touch

Offering a little much

More than a substance

An idea

Pleather over leather

Not ideal, never

It start rather

A car revving it’s engine

We are not moving yet

But it is a much better bet

Sleepy Halls

A sleepy hall

In a Brooklyn apartment building

Coffee raises up slowly

From the Polish and French Bakery


A smell of Ethiopian beans

Made up right for cappuccinos 

And other things

The freshly smashed beans

Bellowing up 

Like clouds over the Galloway 

Opening the most closed eyes

Awakened with another blue

New York sky

A simple twist on an early morning

The sleepy halls

Felt somehow 


Dim lit and tiled

The city grinds only 2 stories below

Even can awake a true sleepy fellow

From Broookly 

The coffee shouts