The Target of a Padded Pocket

Cecil the Lion was slain

By nothing more than a human stain

Utmost disrespect paid

In each US dollar

Held all the locals

By the fabric of their collar

To get his intended target

He came prepared with padded pocket

I could barely stand to hear it

While he enjoyed to watch it

It is an unfortunate play

A game of intended consequence

Now we have one more reckless action

To answer for

It makes the honor of being American

Feel more destined to sicken me

Than free me

We now wear another badge of recklessness

Story of money paid for another nations trophy

Coldly executed

Lured out and destroyed

This making a living plucking plaque

Pleases himself with the attack

Of a icon

A symbol

Go ahead and cash it in your criminal

Let the fluorescent lights of your office

Offer a scathing reminder

That no bleach can undue

Hang your trophy on the shelf

But please never forgive yourself