An Ostracized Welcome

For some reason

The feeling of isolation

Does not bother me


Rather than welcome

Is something that I find welcomed

For in the subtle disapproval

I found

Holding steadfast

To my own principles

Some will appreciate this

Others will laugh and dismiss

Find something

Refuse to cave in

It has taught me that what people

Find important

Is not always important to me

That is all that I needed to see

To understand that if I stand tall

Don’t give in

The reward of being me

Alone amongst a crowd

Rewards the soul more

When I fall asleep at night

That is really all

I can ask for

Lost Internet in Europe

Our computer is currently down and I have found writing to be more of a challenge than I initially thought while touring abroad. Our shows have been incredible and we have gained many new amazing fans. Germany is a very beautiful country and I do have some great writings that I’m going to be posting soon – e do not have access to a computer it will be done via phone. For some reason the posts look kind of funny from the phone but they have the same content. Stay tuned. Cheers -Nate