Advancements Made

Advancements made

Return to grenadine

On a late night

On the ocean wide

Up on the side

We advance we retreat

It comes with the territory

I mean


Boat Life

Boat life

Can’t move anywhere to


Or straight

Uneven paths

Waves and stayed

From the ocean waves

I Don’t Think

I am not certain

Or not clear of mind

To know

When is the right time

To ask

Whether I can continue

On a narrow path

Wander of in embarrassment

All the while

I now refuse

To just think

We Think

We think

We are happy

We think

We are free

We think

Of opportunity

We think


In truth

Or consequence

Are we perceiving reality

Or just contemplating


Are we free

Are we full

Of opportunity


At best

Not at all

At worst

Man and Kind

Man and kind

To be both

Is to be full of life

Full of love

Hope and opportunity

There is no broad stroke

That needs to be taken

When the realization

Of what a human is made of

Constructed of

Is more than a social identifier

But rather is full

Of love

Boil it Down

Boil it down

To the simple

Undeterred truth

How uncouth

To lie and deceive

Achieve the goals

That were rolled up

Your sleeve

Boiled down

To simple


One stolen

To get wheee you are going