The Critical Crown

Critical crown

Lifted up

From the ground

Every single person

From the top down

Cried when we watched

How it came to

A heap on the ground

Unusual as it had been

To see the wickedness of many sins

Compiled into the critical crown

Lying on the dusty ground


Delight Night

Delight night

In the middle of the afternoon

I woke up late

But rose too soon

Licking the cereal

From the crest of

The spoon

Take me in early

Take me in at noon

Delight night

And evening moon

Hesitation Feign

The hesitation feign

Gets no satisfaction

From action

Or helping others

Just in waiting


Conflating the truth

In a soundproof booth

Hanging hopes of the people

In a line to dry

While we all are getting older

He just

Can’t try

The Burnout Generation

Burnout generations

Millennials have become

What is strange

What has come undone

When the ordinary

Is so taxing and hard

To make ends meet

To see through

The clutter

Burnout generation

Like no other

The Eroding Fight

Eroding fights

Helpless plight

Unchained fall

Who can call

Why the business


Failed us all

A fight with a plan

Set up by a man

To see an agenda

To see where

He can send us

In an eroding fight

Right down

To the last night

Sunlight Manner

Sunlight manner

In the morning

When the light is blue

Coffee is dark and bright

Easing into the afternoon

Sunlight manner

Becomes a full light yellow

As the day becomes more mellow

As the day progresses

And the sun recesses

Sunlight manor turns golden orange

Shadows crawl across empty spaces

Until the darkness


And peace settles


The sunlight manner

Waits hours

Then starts again

Treasurer Workshop

A treasurer workshop

Counts all the number sevens

Net of the sixes

And adds a few fours

To see where improvements are made

And lost

Subtracted and divided

I attended the retreat

But left with more

Than feelings of


The treasures workshops

In case we can’t stop