Big Party Thorny Issue

Bring it, home daddy,

Calls the crowd

They don’t think anymore

They just talk out loud

No reason to wait

Or think twice

Why be cordial

Why be nice

Thorny issues shoved in

Each others side

Doesn’t make it wrong

Sure as hell

Doesn’t make it right


Coffee Table Collection

Must I own this


Can it travel with me

Into eternity

A cup of coffee so prepared

And thoughtful

Can always transcend

What is awful

Seize the Win

Seize the win

In easy time

Set up the win

In modern times

Holding hopes higher

Than the clouds that fly

Above our heads

Over the land

And through the mountains

Winning and losing

It’s just life

We are using

Juggernaut Gains

I want those

Right in the window

On the corner of no return

I want to bring them home

Muscle shirts outgrown

Can I get those gains

On these arms

Don’t be alarmed

When I walk in

With astronomical arms


Careful Boat

I lived on a careful boat

In the middle of the ocean

Where the waves fall

With a fluid motion

I remember those days

Living on a boat

Way out far away

Up late

And sleep during the day

Bookish Turn

Take me to my literary

Take me to the library

Quiet life

With books abounding around me

The smell of the press

In my lungs

Deep in my soul

I’ll make my bookish turn

If books are still here

When I grow old

Eye on a Coat

Eye on a coat

Like the rye

In a loaf

From across the room

A classic look

Fish bound


These coats

Don’t come here often

Not in these parts

Never quite common

Sensitivity‚Äč Dividend

For every emotion

A penny

Every feeling a dime

Every thought

A dollar

Could this solve

Theft and crime

For hope and dignity


We must grow as individuals

Before we know what

The dividend will pay