The Sum of Us

Consume me fast 

Consume me wild

Consume me across the miracle mile

Consume the waters

Along the east

Consume the land

For one big feast

Set your table

Pour your wine

Consume the world Devine

Heed no call for retention

In not one conversation 

We will mention

That consumption is not the pinnacle

Why on earth 

Would we be so cynical

Slaughter the cows and steal the berries

Worry not 

The burden future generations now carry

Drill the oil and pull the gold

Wealth only goes to the strong and bold

Capitalize on every detail

Pack the ship 

Set the sail

For we worry not of what we do today

We focus only on the day to day

For only a small minority would say

Is not our ground to conquer

The point of life is not the margin

We have more than humanity in common

We share what is now 

And what is future

It is our commonplace 

Our gathering table

For our generation and those that proceed

So let us be aware of every deed

There is more to life than capital pay

For some will have children

On this earth some day

That cause is greater than or equal to

The sum of us: me and you